Our Culture

Life in FPG is exciting. It is filled with hard work, fun and laughter. As a fast growing IT company, work is thrilling. We operate a flexible and interactive work environment allowing employees to work at their own pace, be creative, innovative as well as deliver results.



FPG is an equal opportunity employer, we are richly diverse, embracing people from all ethnic backgrounds, race and religion. Our diversity is a strength, this is represented across all our policies strategies and procedure.


Employee Voice

We operate an open door policy where ideas are welcomed from every single employee as we know that these ideas can transform the face of our business or play a role in our success. We bond through various internal and external informative and social initiatives and events.


Learning & Development

FPG is passionate about learning and development. We invest in local and international training programs to ensure our employees are up to date with the skills and competencies required for optimum performance. We also empower our employees through coaching and mentoring.


Quality of Life & Health

We are one big family. Our benefits are designed to ensure our people and families are well taken care of because we know that a healthy and happy employee is a productive employee. We empower employees through work-life balance initiatives, and encourage them to give back to the society.


FPG Working Enviroment

FPG is an exciting place to work. We value our work culture of FLEXIBILITY and provide a highly enabling and conducive environment where our employees can thrive and express their creativity and innovation. We promote an environment fostering commitment, collaboration and professionalism.



The company and people have been awarded prestigious awards, certifications and accreditation. Our people are also recognized and rewarded through various incentives and employee schemes nurturing creativity and the realization of personal ambitions.

Life at FPG

Life at FPG is one full of fun, laughter and hard work. We provide a highly enabling and conducive environment as shown in our office and work tools which enable employees express their ingenuity.


We are an equal opportunity employer, all applicants go through a thorough recruitment process and only the best candidates get hired. We are less concerned about grades and transcripts and more interested in how you think. We are likely to ask you some role-related questions that provide insight into how you solve problems. Show us how you would tackle the problem presented. Do not get hung up on nailing the right answer. Were looking for people who have a variety of strengths and passions, not just isolated skill sets, people that are proactive with Go-beyond knack. We want to make sure that you have the experience and the background that will set you up for success in your role. We also want to ensure they are a good fit for us.


Do you share our passion? Send your resume to careers@flexipgroup.com