FPG FlexInfra provides our customers flexible Infrastructure, data management, backup and recovery, automation, monitoring and control, search and other datacentre solutions with options that span all industry leading technologies.

FlexInfra is uniquely developed to protect IT investments by optimizing the way in which Datacentre Infrastructure is utilised by ensuring organizations are achieving business objectives and saving cost by providing options at every time; considering existing investment and its optimization.

FlexInfra offers powerful server and storage hardware solutions built to handle the complexity, flexibility and agility of managing the demanding and multifaceted nature of the modern IT infrastructure.


FlexInfra Solution Modules

Data Center Solutions



ITSM solutions


Data Mangement

Business continuity

Solutions disaster

recovery soultions



end-user experience via capacity management,

business application inter-dependency,

application performance and so on.


 Key Benefits


  • Protection for existing investments.
  • Seamless integration
  • Reduced disruption to business and reduced downtime
  • FlexInfra offers unprecedented options of leading technologies for all areas of hard and soft Infrastructure, as such customer are not under pressure to buy a brand or a     product but to consider effectiveness and overall best fit for business and the specific environment.
  • Offers powerful flexible solutions and systems.