FlexSecure overview

With a strong vision to provide flexible and secure solutions that would drive business agility and long term customer success, FPG has gone into various partnerships with leading technology companies (OEMs) to bring you the revolutionary FlexSecure solution - the umbrella IT security solution group within our Enterprise Security Solutions & Services (ESSS) portfolio. The dream of this solution is to provide a comprehensive end to end security of your IT environment.


With our promise of flexibility, within the FlexSecure Solution, there are sub-solutions that target specific areas of an IT environment. This way, organizations can first secure their priority assets and move on to others as need be. From your security gateways, to your servers, to your PCs, to your networked storage, to your mobile devices and all the way to your cloud infrastructures and your people, we are dedicated to giving you the best possible IT security across board, that would allow your organization to peacefully focus on its core business (even with the growing security threats worldwide) knowing that FPGs first class and ever-evolving ESSS solutions has got them covered.

FlexSecure has the following sub-solutions


Secure Net

SecureNet offers a flexible network security collection that comprises of leading solutions from world class vendors to ensure total security with Scalability for your network and co-operate assets, while combining policies, people and enforcement to deliver seamless protection across all layers of security.FPG SecureNet provides protection for all things network. Features include Gateway security, NGFW, Network Encryption, APT protection and so on.


Key Benefits
  • Total Network protection
  • Increased network performance
  • Real time Network threat detection
  • Centralized control, and visibility
  • management Advanced Persistent Threat Protection
  • Zero Day Attacks and vulnerability protection
  • Secured data in transition


FPGs approach to system security involves a thorough and flexible solution portfolio that secures the IT Systems, its end user activities, applications, the servers, storage, operating systems and databases. SecureSys from FPG provides Security for mission and business critical systems, end-user systems and devices for the entire enterprise including Operating Systems, Databases and Applications.


Key Benefits
  • Secures and audits access to businesscritical systems, their operating systems, applications, databases and files.
  • Access audit and forensics.
  • Single-console centralized management.
  • Management via SIEM /SOC integration.
  • Shields Endpoint Applications against exploits.
  • Contain lateral transmission of threats.


FPGs SecureApp delivers continuous evaluation and protection for all your applications using an agile, certified application security solution which protects your critical applications from the most advanced threats. It delivers continuous evaluation and protection for all applications using an agile, certified application security solution which protects critical applications from the most advanced threats. The FPG SecureApp consists of static and dynamic application testing throughout the application life-cycle.

Key Benefits
  • Proactive application security for inhouse developed or off-the-shelf applications.
  • Virtually patches application vulnerabilities through integration with web application vulnerability scanners.
  • Reducing the window of exposure and impact of ad-hoc application fixes.
  • Highlights inherent vulnerabilities and adds fix Recommendations.


Data is at the core of every business. Organizations, processes, resources, operations rely on effective data. FGP SecureData provides organizations with proactive protection against attacks targeting their most precious valuable Data. Whether or not the Data is in motion does not matter, as SecureData ensures that there is a layered line of defenses by controlling access to, monitoring of and as need be encrypting the Data. It also employs FIM, privileged identity management, DLP and multifactor authentication leading technologies to ensure the Data integrity is maintained, access controlled and Data is ultimately safe throughout its lifecycle.


Key Benefits
  • Ensures Data integrity.
  • Demonstrates Data auditability.
  • Sensitive Information Management.
  • Data-based transaction fraud Prevention.
  • egulatory compliance.


SecureUse delivers user-level security and Endpoint-Centric Fraud Prevention, Multi-Factor Authentication, privileged identity management and User Activity Monitoring.

Key Benefits
  • Insider ´┐Żabuse protection.
  • ccidental insider elimination.
  • Eliminate rogue super users.
  • Forensics videos ensure activities can be tracked for all users of sensitive critical systems


SecureCloud provides security for virtual, Private & Public cloud infrastructure and Data. With SecureCloud organizations can migrate to the cloud while maintaining full ownership, compliance and control of their cloud environment.

Key Benefits
  • Security for dynamic virtualized environments and clouds.
  • Unified security management with physical environment.
  • Complete encryption of virtual machines and storage volumes.
  • Maintain ownership in shared, multi-tenant environments.


SecureMob provides IT Security for all things mobile. From EMM isolated containers to APT protection, FPG SecureMobile ensures that organizations can enjoy the productivity and staff satisfaction that comes with the living the true mobile lifestyle without unnecessary exposure of the enterprise to threats. Staff and customers can use public Wi-Fi without fear of eavesdropping.


Key Benefits
  • Better staff satisfaction.
  • Management via SIEM /SOC integration.
  • Detection and prevention of jailbroken devices.
  • Native and generic mobile O/S and app as well Data protection
  • Support for OTP and certificatebased local network access in connected and off-line mode.


SecureX enables organisations achieve regulatory requirements like PCI DSS, SOX and HIPAA compliances.


Key Benefits
  • Compliant and secure operations.
  • Improved and auditable processes
  • Repeatability, predictability and brand recognition.