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Client required an IT solution addressing Manual backup operations, long backup time with windows and point solutions.
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The bank proactively sought an enterprise level security solution to prevent advanced persistent threats, targeted and signature-less cyberattacks. The objective of the project was to enable the Bank achieve the following.
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An absence of usage and performance monitoring and visibility reports on the clients cloud solutions infrastructure. The client required a cost effective solution to monitor its Cloud environment. The focus of this project was to enable end-to-end monitoring, enabling management proactively make quick business decisions.
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In need of visibility, monitor, control and compliance of Devices, Endpoints and BYOD (Bring your own Device. An inability to effectively enforce, monitor and control the devices connected to the network exposes the bank to malicious attacks and other high security risks.
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A Lack of enterprise level security at network segments and perimeter, thereby exposing the Bank’s network to internal and external attacks. The Bank was looking for a better way to implement an enterprise level security solution to prevent malicious activities in the Bank network. The aim of the project was to achieve the following using a secure and flexible solution;
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