From my first interaction with Flexip Group, I realized the company was fully committed to offering the highest level of service to its clients. Since joining, Ive had the opportunity to participate in several innovative projects, work with latest technologies from strategic OEMs and had the opportunity to meet top level decision makers.

At FPG, the management team is responsive and focuses on rewarding employees contributions and achievements. We are recognized for the value we bring to the company and consistently given opportunities to learn additional skills.

Finally, I thoroughly enjoy the culture and FPG’s dynamic environment provides a truly motivating workplace for me and my team.



Home is where the Heart is! FPG is really a joy to work in… A team full of burgeoning talent, dedication and passion for excellence. Here at FPG, we are trying to build a world-class organization and the level of flexibility allows us to focus more on what truly matters - our customers.

Lots of IT firms promise the world yet, deliver the regular everyday service/solutions but, FPG is full of practical, implementable strategies you won’t find anywhere…and they always work! The guys here respond very quickly and go above & beyond to help.



A team full of talented professionals, dedicated to delivering only the best of products and services. I joined FPG because the management works diligently to create a supportive, teamwork environment.


I am glad to see that FPG continues to provide quality products and service above expectations. Our biggest strength lies in the fact we treat each other with respect and love. And we have become a family.


People say business is just business but this is not at all just business for us. It is a platform where world class leaders and professionals are made, while also getting paid to do something that they really love doing.

We absolutely love it here, who wouldn’t?



My goals were to fully understand the company’s services and solutions as well as to attain a compressive knowledge of IT. I have learnt a lot, mainly relating to the Company’s solutions. I have a sound understanding of cloud services as well as the importance of IT security.

The internship proved difficult at first since I wasn’t an IT student but was determined to overcome it. I got to know everybody and it was fun. FPG feels like a family.

I would strongly recommend this internship programme to students seeking to expand their knowledge in the department. I would definitely like to return!

Jeffery Umezulike